Gage Langdon

Gage Langdon

Software Engineering Manager

About Me

Hey! I'm Gage, a full-stack software engineer turned manager. I am passionate about agile leadership and the modern web with a simple principle: get sh*t done.

I grew up in a tiny town on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi, which is where I got started in computers at a very young age by playing games like Quake and Everquest. I have been coding since high school and have developed a deep passion for anything tech and leadership.

When I'm not coding: I enjoy traveling, reading, gardening, playing drums, 3D-printing, drinking craft beers, and laughing with those I love.

Getting sh*t done.

Software Engineering Manager Loanpal (July 2019 - Present)

Agile leader for the largest software teams at Loanpal which are focused on consumer finance tools for the largest solar installers and distributors in the world as well as borrowers and internal users. I currently lead a team of 17, on and offshore, engineers who build and maintain 2 mobile apps, 4 web apps, an internal GraphQL federated API, and a public SAAS API.

Senior Software Engineer Loanpal (August 2018 - July 2019)

4th engineer hired on the Consumer Finance greenfield project. Personally had a hand in growing the now multi-billion dollar company to over 100 engineers and counting.

Software Engineer (Lead) Dermveda (Sept 2016 - August 2018)

Led a team of 3 engineers alongside dermatologists, business, and marketing teams to plan and develop new features to assist users with skin or wellness concerns by combining tech and integrative dermatology.

Junior Software Engineer Freelance (Aug 2014 - Oct 2016)

A time of disciplined learning that ranged from building video games, websites, and mental health journals.

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Latest Projects


A Sh*tty Off-Brand Snake

Unity3D Node.js Serverless DynamoDB

A Sh*tty Off-Brand Snake is a play on the classic snake game in which the objective is to eat food to grow and obtain high scores. This project was built with Unity3D and includes a self-baked leaderboard using Serverless AWS Lambda and DynamoDB.

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Grits and Biscuits

React Netlify

Grits and Biscuits is an e-card gallery created during the early Covid-19 quarantine.

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GraphQL Node.js NPM Package Open Source

GraphQL-Connect is an open-source NPM package that allows developers to easily connect and merge remote graphql schemas into their existing schemas. The project is built with Node.js, node-fetch, apollo-link, and graphql-tools.

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Full-Stack React Redux Node.js Express MongoDB is a full-stack solo project that allows anyone to ask questions and get anonymous responses by sharing a link. This idea came to mind when I heard someone say they had trouble getting honest feedback from their friends, so I took this idea to a broader scope and built this app!

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Contact Us Lambda

Serverless AWS Lambda Node.js Micro-Service Open Source

Send contact-us emails easily with this micro-service using an AWS Lambda and the Serverless framework. This is an open-source service built for extremely low cost contact-us forms. The package comes initialized with babel, git pre-commit validation, and serverless.

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Learn Skin by Dermveda

React Serverless Node.js Micro-Service GraphQL

Architected and managed the production of this mobile-friendly CME platform for physicans. Built entirely with AWS Lambdas and ran by an extensive and scalable GraphQL-stitched micro-service backend that provides educational content, streams video, processes transactions, grades quizzes, and tracks analytics on an administration site for reporting. Utilizes Cloudfront and WAFs to cache web responses and mitigate denial of service attacks.

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Squiid Party Game

React Node.js C# Unity3D Hackathon

This no-name project was the first place winner of a 12 hour game jam at CSUS - ACM that combined my knowledge of web technologies and desktop game development to create a local multiplayer party game in which the controllers are any web-connected device. The controllers of the game were built with react; they talk to a Node.js and backend which keep the game state synced with the Unity3D game client.

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Node.js Express Sockets MongoDB Hackathon

Squiid is a project that I did with a cohort for AngelHack 2017. The goal was to make splitting of bills an easier experience. My role was to handle the backend service for the project, which was an Express server running for real-time payments and MongoDB for persistance storage.

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React Redux Node Express GraphQL KeystoneJS

I led a team of engineers that were responsible for multiple isomorphic React.js apps that were supported by a scalable microservice backend built with node, GraphQL, a forked open-source CMS, MongoDB, and many third party apis. I worked alongside dermatologists, business and marketing teams to plan and develop new features to assists users with skin or wellness concerns by combining tech and dermatology.

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C# Unity3D Mobile

Splocky is a milestone project for me, as it was the first project that I shipped while working with a remote partner that took over the projects art. The game is built in Unity3D using c# and is using the Google Play and Facebook apk's for in-game social media and leaderboards.

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C# Unity3D Blender

Overtime is a horror-mystery game that I had the pleasure of being a part of with my close friends One-Shot games. My role was to provide the level designer with requested game mechanic scripts and a few 3d models. The game has impressively received around 200k lets-plays.

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C# Unity3D Project Management Hackathon

Gobbo was our 2017 Global Game jam entry, and is an endless tower-defense game with minimal mechanics. I worked with the One-Shot games team as the lead programmer and project manager.

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