Gage Langdon

Gage Langdon

Senior Software Engineer

Hobby Projects

C# JS Unity3D

Jump, Jump, Jump

"Pretty fun but isn't this already a thing" - Most people

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Lyrics Per Minute

React Gatsby

Practice typing to lyrics of songs that I chose at random

Built out of boredom during a flight; this is somehow my most trafficked project

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A Sh*tty Off-Brand Snake

Unity3D Node.js Serverless DynamoDB

You're a snake, Harry.

For the nerds: leaderboard is built with AWS Lambda and DynamoDB that you could totally inject but please don't

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C# Unity3D Blender

This will scare ya! Tons of let's plays but this one is the best

I contributed gameplay scripts and a 3D model of a copy machine

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React Gatsby

Full screen this bad boy behind your Zoom meetings to add light to your pretty face

This is a PWA: You can install it to your desktop but its also a website, say what!?

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C# Unity3D Project Management Hackathon

A cool tower defense game built for a 24 hour hack competition.

TODO: Download this to make sure it still works

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Professional History

Senior Frontend Software Engineer Confluent (September 2021 - Present)

Software Engineering Manager Goodleap (March 2019 - August 2021)

Prominent leader for the front-of-house software teams at Goodleap focused on building and mentoring high-trust, high-velocity teams. I built out the founding engineering team and drove the organization's scale from startup to a now multi-billion-dollar, green-energy financing enterprise.

  • Envisioned and architected the primary front-of-house web app that became the public interface for all loanpal’s consumer finance customers and internal operations.
  • Appointed and mentored 3 subordinate leaders that built out individual high-performing agile teams that consist of frontend, backend, IOS, and Android engineers
  • Built influence in peer engineering, product, project, support, sales, and executive teams.
  • Established Loanpal’s initial team structures, onboarding plans, and code-quality standards.
  • Led hiring efforts for the founding core team starting at #5; I mentored many of these engineers into prominent, high impact, roles
  • Modified team structures and delegated responsibilities as the organizational hierarchy matured.

Senior Software Engineer Goodleap (August 2018 - March 2019)

I was the 4th founding engineer on a greenfield consumer finance software team within a small mortgage company. I led the front-end engineering for core services that included loan origination, credit report parsing, finance transfers, loan traunching, and automated underwriting pipelines.

  • Advocated the initial code-quality standards while building the initial minimum viable product that is now scaled to hundreds of thousands of clients.
  • Influenced and predicted product needs while advocating technical requirements for the foundation of our future scale.
  • Introduced the first set of dev tooling, automated testing, and CI/CD pipelines.
  • Adopted and led the initial version of Agile methodology, leading to our first high-velocity engineering team
  • Collaborated with business stakeholders to deliver quality products by writing code that was easy to read, maintain, and scale.

Full-Stack Software Developer Dermveda (Sept 2016 - August 2018)

I performed as a quick learning full-stack engineer by implementing javascript technologies such as React, Node, GraphQL, a forked open-source CMS, and MongoDB. I worked alongside dermatologists and marketing teams to plan and develop new features that assisted users with skin and wellness concerns by combining tech and dermatology.

  • Collaborated with peer engineers and senior mentors to produce highly reliable React apps with a focus on SEO.
  • Engineered across the full engineering stack, including database and API design.
  • Invented a novel solution for an Isomorphic frontend before today's frameworks; focused on time-to-paint for our prioritized low-bandwidth markets (rural India, Asia, etc.)
  • Reduced run-time costs by 85% by migrating from monolithic APIs hosted on EC2 to a 100% Serverless platform.
  • Maintained operational excellence by quickly responding to and mitigating customer-impacting bugs in production

(2012 - 2016)

Computer Science studies @ California State University - Sacramento

Successful indie video game projects and top rewards at multiple hackathons

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