Gage Langdon
Gage Langdon

Gage Langdon

Senior Software Engineer

Hobby Projects

C# JS Unity3D

A doodle-jump clone built in C# and legacy Unityscript. It was originally released on the google play store in 2016 followed by a redesign from Cody Sims.

Pop game


C# Unity

A web game that I designed over the course of 2 weeks was produced with my brothers Camryn and Davon. It's simple interface hides a complex state-machine that perfectly syncs enemy waves with a music track.



C# Unity3D Blender

This playthrough by 8-BitRyan recieved over 220,000 views for this popular indie horror designed by Joey Simas.


A Sh*tty Off-Brand Snake

Unity3D Node.js Serverless DynamoDB

This WebGL game was a weekend experiment to learn procedural animation. The online leaderboard is a simple rest API built with AWS lambda and DynamoDB

Lyrics Per Minute screenshot

Lyrics Per Minute

React Gatsby

A tiny React app that I built on a flight home, LPM tests your typing speed while learning lyrics to popular songs.

keylit screenshot


React Gatsby

Full screen this bad boy behind your Zoom meetings to add light to your pretty face

This is a PWA: You can install it to your desktop but its also a website, say what!?

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Professional History

Senior Software Engineer Confluent (September 2021 - Present)

Software Engineering Manager Goodleap (March 2019 - August 2021)

Prominent leader for the front-of-house software teams at Goodleap focused on building and mentoring high-trust, high-velocity teams. I built out the founding engineering team and drove the organization's scale from startup to a now multi-billion-dollar, green-energy financing enterprise.

  • Envisioned and architected the primary front-of-house web app that became the public interface for all loanpal’s consumer finance customers and internal operations.
  • Appointed and mentored 3 subordinate leaders that built out individual high-performing agile teams that consist of frontend, backend, IOS, and Android engineers
  • Built influence in peer engineering, product, project, support, sales, and executive teams.
  • Established Loanpal’s initial team structures, onboarding plans, and code-quality standards.
  • Led hiring efforts for the founding core team starting at #5; I mentored many of these engineers into prominent, high impact, roles
  • Modified team structures and delegated responsibilities as the organizational hierarchy matured.

Senior Software Engineer Goodleap (August 2018 - March 2019)

I was the 4th founding engineer on a greenfield consumer finance software team within a small mortgage company. I led the front-end engineering for core services that included loan origination, credit report parsing, finance transfers, loan traunching, and automated underwriting pipelines.

  • Advocated the initial code-quality standards while building the initial minimum viable product that is now scaled to hundreds of thousands of clients.
  • Influenced and predicted product needs while advocating technical requirements for the foundation of our future scale.
  • Introduced the first set of dev tooling, automated testing, and CI/CD pipelines.
  • Adopted and led the initial version of Agile methodology, leading to our first high-velocity engineering team
  • Collaborated with business stakeholders to deliver quality products by writing code that was easy to read, maintain, and scale.

Full-Stack Software Developer Dermveda (Sept 2016 - August 2018)

I performed as a quick learning full-stack engineer by implementing javascript technologies such as React, Node, GraphQL, a forked open-source CMS, and MongoDB. I worked alongside dermatologists and marketing teams to plan and develop new features that assisted users with skin and wellness concerns by combining tech and dermatology.

  • Collaborated with peer engineers and senior mentors to produce highly reliable React apps with a focus on SEO.
  • Engineered across the full engineering stack, including database and API design.
  • Invented a novel solution for an Isomorphic frontend before today's frameworks; focused on time-to-paint for our prioritized low-bandwidth markets (rural India, Asia, etc.)
  • Reduced run-time costs by 85% by migrating from monolithic APIs hosted on EC2 to a 100% Serverless platform.
  • Maintained operational excellence by quickly responding to and mitigating customer-impacting bugs in production

(2012 - 2016)

Computer Science studies @ California State University - Sacramento

Successful indie video game projects and top rewards at multiple hackathons

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